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Alumni Chapters

During recent years IBA has been trying to engage its Alumni to strengthen its Alumni Network all over the World. One of our initiatives involves launching IBA Alumni Chapters in strategic geographic locations around the globe where the population of IBA Alumni is sufficiently dense. During the recent years IBA Alumni Department has successfully launched Alumni chapter in UAE, Canada, Lahore, Islamabad and UK. These Chapters provide IBA Alumni with a platform to network and socialize. They also coordinate with IBA to organize Resource Mobilization activities and assist visiting Alumni, Human Resources, Students, and Faculty. If you are a part of our global Alumni network then scroll over to see whether an Alumni Chapter exist in your region and what activities are they doing:


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Want to relax and meet up with old friends? Then do attend an IBA Alumni Reunion this year and see how everyone is getting on!

Campus Tours

You won't believe if we tell you that a lot has changed since you left IBA. Come take a campus tour with us and see for yourself what IBA has become.

Plant IBA Green

Plant a tree at your beloved alma mater to serve as a living testimony of your relationship with it

Off the Rack

Can't decide on which book to pick off the rack? Join the Alumni Book Club and have a look at our top picks!

Beyond IBA

At IBA, we taught you to think big. Realize your social responsibility and gear up to make this world a better place and serve humanity.


Upcoming Chapters

We want to expand our alumni presence and establish chapters in other parts of the world.

Toolkit for Chapter Formation

Know what goes on into forming a chapter.