Institute of Business Administrtion
Tool kit for Chapter Formation

The Alumni department is in the process of facilitating and encouraging establishment of Alumni Chapters at locations where IBA alumni population is sufficiently dense. The chapters would be led by office bearers under the guidance of a board of senior and experienced professionals who would be patrons for the chapters.

“The alumni chapters shall assist our alumni to advance IBA’s mission in the pursuit of excellence in academics as well as in its resources”

What our Chapters do?

The Alumni Chapters organize social, academic and professional networking events in their local areas which will ensure graduates stay connected with the IBA and with each other

The chapters will act as ambassadors for IBA throughout the world and help in recruiting talented Students/Faculty from their respective countries

Alumni Chapters will not just act as a platform for sharing professional and personal experiences but they will also help alumni to search for jobs and find resources tailored to their needs and interests

The IBA Career Development Centre (CDC) will work closely with Alumni Chapters seeking assistance in internship/job opportunities or advices in the chapters region for current/graduating students and also advertise to the chapter’s members National/International job opportunities.

Alumni Chapters in different region will be able to assist Alumni travelling to that region for business/ leisure. They will also assist the new comers to the region in relocation and settlement process.

How will the Alumni Chapters be created?
Chapters will be made up of a committee of volunteers. These committees will typically have a President, Vice- President, Secretary and Treasurer. Click here to view the Duties and Responsibilities of Alumni Chapters’ Executive Committee members.

Modes of chapter formation
The office bearers would be elected at the launch of the chapter from within the volunteers who have agreed to volunteer by votes of the alumni attending the meeting.

Their term of service would be one year, after which the office-bearers would be re-elected through a similar process.

Alternatively Alumni can form an Executive Committee with consensus of all Alumni actively involved in the Chapter Formation

IBA support to the Executive Committee members
The office bearers would have their official “” IBA email addresses with their names and designations in the chapter. They would also be provided their official IBA visiting cards as Chapter leads.

The Duties and Responsibilities of Alumni Chapters’ Executive Committee Members

General Responsibilities of Chapter’s Office Bearers:

  • Webpage management
  • Database management
  • Organizing social and networking events
  • Supporting IBA’s resource mobilization activities
  • Working as IBA patrons
  • Maintaining group email and social networking pages
  • Fund-raising within and outside the alumni community
  • Sending regular updates on IBA website & newsletter
  • Career counseling
  • Arranging special offers for alumni in the region 


  • Oversee responsibilities for all volunteers
  • Set the chapter’s activity calendar
  • Serve as primary liaison with the Alumni Office
  • Keep records of past events, tips for future members, sample letters, invitations and forms.
  • Leads Resource Mobilization activity 


  • Officiate in President’s absence
  • Assist in scheduling meetings and works with volunteers on mailings and notices 


  • Keep minutes of all meetings
  • Send reports and minutes to the Alumni Office
  • Advise Alumni office of all change of alumni addresses and phone numbers 


  • Maintain accounts
  • Record all dues and payments
  • Pays all meeting (food) bills

Chapters are welcome to appoint additional posts to the committee as and when needed, such as Marketing and Publicity Officer, Events Coordinator etc.