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Giving to IBA - Alumni Fund

A Committee consisting of the office bearers of IBA Alumni Associations oversees this fund and allocates funds to different activities including the general budgetary support. Disclosure standards are the same as specified for the Endowment Fund.

Alumni Student Center

You do remember how you longed for that one place on campus, where you could hang out, study in groups, play games, listen to music and have good food? Or just a place where you could retreat after a long class lecture?

Students desire never changes. So we made their wish come true, by building Alumni Student's Center at the Main Campus. The cost of construction is Rs. 200 million and the building would house facilities for indoor and outdoor sports, organizing dramas, carnivals, music functions, concerts and public speaking events.

Hey, we're not forgetting you. All IBA Alumni Card holders are welcome at the centre where they can avail the following facilities:

List of Facilities in the Alumni Student Center:

Common Areas/ lounges


  • MEP Rooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Dining Halls
  • Kitchen
  • Offices
  • Indoor Play Area/ Badminton Courts
  • Service Areas
  • Computer Lab
  • Book Store
  • Tuck Shop
  • UPS Room/ Printer Room
  • Gymnasium
  • Amphitheater with stage/back stage areas
  • Green rooms
  • Central Air-Conditioning (package units type)
  • Emergency and fire fighting Facilities

Funding for Alumni Students Center
Buy a unit
We have divided the Alumni Students Center in 40 units where one unit is worth Rs. 5 Million. A room or area will be dedicated to a particular individual, class, chapter or a group of Alumni. To sponsor a unit contact us at or call on 021-99261809

Buy a Brick
You can also donate Rs. 100,000 and buy a Brick at the Donor's Wall inscribed with your name on it. Kindly fill out the Donor Wall Form to purchase a brick at the Student's center Donor Wall.

List of Donors
Find out who has helping us in building The Center.

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