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Read what IBA graduates have to say about the IBA experience and how it transformed their lives.

Saiyid M Hanif Akhagar Malihabadi, '70

I offer my heartiest and sincerest congratulations to the students and graduates of IBA for being affiliated with one of the finest educational institution of the world. No doubt you are amongst the best of the students and you are the custodian of Pakistan. My request to you is to do your best in whatever field you start your career, seek wisdom and blessings from your parents, with complete faith in Allah for rewarding your relentless efforts. JAZAKUM ALLAH.


Salma Mirza, '94

Having been first associated with IBA as a student and then as a teacher has put me in a unique position of seeing both sides of the coin. As a student I loathed the pressures, the deadline, the seminars and (ok fine!!) the teachers, But once I graduated I realized it was these very things that has taught me more than anything else. And that is why after joining IBA I have tried to uphold those very values that turns an average 20- something into a manager. I always tell my students that at IBA you learn only 30 % from lectures; the rest comes from the IBA experience. The experience of contribution, real-life time management and deadlines. The experience of slogging through nights to complete assignments, giving that presentation without preparation, knowing for sure that the teacher will not bend regardless of whatever happens.

But unfortunately we are losing focus fast. If IBA wants to keep its edge it has to keep its values. If the onus of learning shifts from the learner to the teacher the learner becomes increasingly irresponsible. How can you teach a person who holds you responsible for his learning, his grades and his GPA? We will do a great disservice to our students if we fail to discipline them. If the focus of the teachers switches from teaching to pleasing, we risk becoming one of the numerous so-called degree awarding institutions in the city who treat students as their customers. Students are our product, the industry is the customer! If we mess up with our product we lose our customers!


Nasir Hussain Khadim, '01

I am of the opinion that what is taught at IBA is not much different when compared to Preston, CBM, AMI or any other new comer for that matter. Although the difference lies in the way we were allowed to learn by experimenting with real world scenarios and the biggest example in my case was, managing the BITS Club. Handling a budget of over PKR 2.7 million, over a period of one year, with the help of 24 secretaries, is not an easy task at all. In due process, I learned how to keep a balance between management and students and that really helps a lot in the corporate world where, being a manager, you have to make choices. Choices that have both pros and cons. It's a lot easier to deal with the management of your company and convince them regarding your staff when you have done the same at IBA.


Kamran Baloch, '01

Institute of Business Administration - these three words mean a lot to me and have added a lot of value to my resume. I hated the faculty, escaped classes and seminars whenever I got a chance and still learned a great deal during my stay at IBA. In my opinion, the key to success at IBA is learning more from people than from textbooks and not run after the grades all the time- at the end of the day, life has its own criterion to choose winners and losers. Remember it's not how many ideas you have, it's how many you make happen that matters.


Hasnain Jaffery, '89

Studying at IBA was a lifetime experience as it broadens the vision, exposed us to newer vistas that were steered by the quality teaching staff. It was further enriched by hands-on experience of the visiting staff members who were professionals in their respective fields. All this helped us in believing in ourselves and building our confidence. Thus we are able to face the world and stood-up against all the odds in our practical lives. I pray to Almighty Allah that IBA continue to contribute towards the development of future generations leading to growth and stability of Pakistan. Aameen.


Rizwan Jamil, '85

Unilever greatly values the IBA as a source of potential recruits. Over the years IBA graduates joining us have been instrumental in contributing to Unilever's continuing success in Pakistan. As often I look back at the years I spent at the IBA and recall the great times and the learning experience there. I wish the IBA and the graduating class the very best for their future.


Salman Rauf, '95

More than any thing else, I believe the IBA gave me immense confidence that helped me groom as a person. Having come from sheltered background, I experimented with debates, dramatics, politics, sports, you name it and I was in it. IBA has truly helped me in my career, not just in terms of the name and recognition my alma mater has in Pakistan, but also in terms of the learning and the tough times we all had to go through at the IBA.


Sarah Khowaja, '00

The IBA provided the platform that helped launch my career in the corporate world. My four years at the IBA have taught me valuable lessons that I carried with me as I moved onto the practical field. Sheer hard work, honesty and dedication holds the key to success. Never lose hope in yourself. Best of luck!


Haseeb-ur-Rehman, '99

"Whatever I am today, after the mercy of Allah, is because of the IBA. Be it my professional life (in the area of marketing) or my social life (hanging out with all my friends) or even my spiritual beliefs (thanks to the BBA's course on Islam) the IBA has been the common thread in all aspects of my life. Simply as far as I see it, the IBA is a lifestyle not just a B-School. My message to IBA students is "Don't hang out with the loser, score A's win Medals, have a great Extra-Curricular record and be the best in your field and most of all Trust in Allah for what He decides is the best for you."


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