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The IBA is one of the premiere public sector universities of the country. We have a sustainable financial assistance model in place to support our deserving students. Each year we provide financial assistance to about 30% of our entire student body. Last year we disbursed about Rs. 380 million in financial assistance. For this purpose, we require the generous support of our alumni to help these deserving students.

You can support us by creating Annual pay-as-you-go scholarship or Endowment Fund for deserving students.


The annual pay-as-you-go scholarship allows to bear the tuition expense of an undergraduate for the tenure of their degree program. For convenience of the donors, IBA offers its esteemed partners an option to pay their contribution as annual installments.

We have a robust mechanism for performing due diligence to ascertain the support requirement of a student. The selected students are then parked on the scholarships funded by our corporate partners and donors.


Annual Cost  

Complete Degree program Cost 

Financial support for 1 FA student 

PKR 727,000 

PKR 2.9 million 

Financial support for 5 FA student 

PKR 3.6 million 

PKR 14.5 million 

Financial support for 10 FA student 

PKR 7.27million 

PKR 29 million 


In order to make the financial assistance program sustainable, IBA initiated its endowment fund module to support deserving students in perpetuity. The amount from the donor is invested and the returns, subsequently generated, are utilized to finance the educational expenses of the students. This means that as soon as the beneficiary student graduates, the scholarship becomes available to another deserving student, thereby, making a one-time donation by a partner to support the educational endeavours of the deserving students in posterity.
Moreover, to facilitate and accommodate more students, we also offer our partners an opportunity to increase the fund size and establish more scholarship endowment seats at any given point in time.


• Setup an Endowment Fund at IBA in the name of your preference
A typical endowment fund scholarship seat is established with a donation of PKR 10 million, which can support the tuition expenses of one student over the lifetime of IBA.

Cost of setting up an endowment fund for 1 student

PKR 10 million

Cost of setting up an endowment fund for 5 students

PKR 50 million 

Cost of setting up an endowment fund for 10 students

PKR 100 million



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