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National Talent Hunt Program

The NTHP Program at IBA is a flagship inclusivity and diversity program that aims to bring forth the best talent from the country. Every year, the NTHP team visits over 119 districts across the country including Khuzdar, Loralai, Swat, Mardan, Rajanpur and others. The Program comprises of a two-month rigorous training given to the aspiring applicants to appear for IBA's Aptitude test for the undergraduate programs. During the training period, applicants are given free-of-cost accommodation at IBA campuses. The training comprises of sections on English and Mathematics and also includes mentoring sessions by prominent NTHP Alumni and renowned IBA faculty. The NTHP Scholarship Program is successfully executed every year with nearly over 400 applicants having successfully graduated from the Institute.

Running Expenses for NTHP: On an NTHP student, the cost incurred to IBA is around PKR 1,116,260 /- per annum. The total program is for 4 years therefore the total expense on each student is around [1,116,260 x 4] PKR 4,465,040/- The break up for which is given below:


Amount (Rs.)

Location of the Expenses

Admission Fee

Rs. 65,000/-


Tuition Fee





IBA Hostels 

Meal Expenses


IBA Hostels 




Transport Charges



Student activity charges



How to Support?
You can support us by creating Annual pay-as-you-go scholarship or an endowment fund for sponsoring the education of NTHP students.

The IBA’s flagship National Talent Hunt Program is a 100% success story. One of the first higher education institutions to launch a diversity initiative, the National Talent Hunt program at IBA has changed the lives of thousands of financially challenged students across Pakistan. Since 2008 more than 250 NTHP students have graduated from IBA and are employed in renowned national and international organizations.


Annual Cost

Complete Degree program Cost

1 NTHP student 

PKR 1.11 million

PKR 4.55 million

5 NTHP students 

PKR 5.56 million

PKR 22.24 million

10 NTHP students

PKR 11.12 million

PKR 44.48 million

In order to make the financial assistance program sustainable, IBA initiated its endowment fund module to support deserving students in perpetuity. The amount from the donor is invested and the returns, subsequently generated, are utilized to finance the educational expenses of the students. This means that as soon as the beneficiary student graduates, the scholarship becomes available to another deserving student, thereby, making a one-time donation by a partner to support the educational endeavours of the deserving students in posterity.

Cost of setting up an endowment fund for 1 student

PKR 15 million

Cost of setting up an endowment fund for 5 students

PKR 75 million 

Cost of setting up an endowment fund for 10 students

PKR  million


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