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Mentorship Program – Transforming Leaders
The Art of Career Growth (Session 1)

December 07, 2022: The Alumni Affairs Department hosted its first session of the series called ‘Mentorship Program - Transforming Leaders”. The idea behind this initiative was to offer mentorship sessions for mid-career level alumni. The session was attended by several alumni and corporate individuals and was moderated by Ms. Malahat Awan, Director - Alumni Affairs, Resource Mobilization and Corporate Relations.  

The event encapsulated insightful points by our guest speaker Mr. Salman Ahmed – Country Chairman & Senior Partner – McKinsey & Company. Salman put light on the career trajectory and stagnant growth of employees. He discussed how one can reach the pinnacle of his career. He said, “ Responsibility, creativity and adaptability are the key factors that can lead you to success”. He further explained that the perfect zone for satisfaction, motivation and progression is the optimum market level where the responsibilities must be just beyond your reach. He discussed the impediments which are faced by every individual and can be avoided, if one learns through his mistakes, goes for mentorship and performs the economic analysis. This whole recipe will keep individuals away from resentment, help them grow exponentially, and ultimately make them feel satiated.  

The interactive session was followed by a Q&A session. The session was applauded by the alumni and they demanded the next session to be organized again as it included helpful points that would help them enrich their current career growth.  



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