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Alumni Get-together at the IBA, Karachi

Today, exactly 25 years after being awarded their hard earned degrees, the MBA (Banking & Finance) Class of 1995 gave back to their alma mater, an everlasting legacy.

The IBA Karachi is proud to announce scholarship endowment fund set up by the Class of 1995 amounting to Rs. 6.6 Million. Alumni from across the globe including North America, Middle East and the Far East came together for the common cause of supporting a deserving student every year.

The "MBA (Banking & Finance) Class of 1995 Diversity Scholarship" fund aims to support a student belonging to minorities; female candidate from financially & socially challenging backgrounds and candidates from underprivileged and marginalized segment of our society.

The IBA Karachi is indebted to the 20 classmates who helped set up this fund. Alumni from various years have commenced work on establishing their class scholarships and we wish them god speed in their efforts.

Ghulam Nabi Ather, coordinator for the class, developed a video filled with nostalgia and fond memories to celebrate the silver jubilee of graduation from the IBA and camaraderie of a life time.

Syed Ali Raza Fehmi, one of the benefactors, had this to say on the occasion:

" It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that we announce to have finally managed to secure the Class of 95 - MBA Banking & Finance Diversity Scholarship Fund of PKR 66 lacs.

The intention of the scholarship fund is to benefit the deserving candidates across the broad social strata.

We have taken care that the beneficiaries reflect the diversity of our nation's varied and multifaceted cultural makeup.

Hoping that the scholarship fund will be disbursed over the coming days, months, years and In sha Allah decades covering & benefitting deserving candidates representing Minorities, Female Candidate from financially & socially challenging backgrounds and Candidates from underprivileged and neglected sections of our society.

We will continue to contribute towards this fund to the best of our abilities and hope our future generations would follow suit and continue this enterprise.

With an initial investment contribution from 20 Alumni we still have plenty of depth in the MBA Banking & Finance Class of '95 for others to come forward upon their convenience .

To grow this fund further we are open to various forms of Charitable Contributions & Donations; all are welcome.

A special thanks to all generous donors from the MBA Banking & Finance Class of '95 and a big pat on the back to those of us who have stepped up and contributed more than what was required.

It has been a journey of 25 years where all of us after our graduation have gone through their individual trials, tribulations, successes & joyful moments. By the grace of God we have all negotiated these curve balls well. This has enabled us now to give back to our society and what better than in the current challenging time of Covid-19 when the society needs us the most.

We are proud to have stepped up together and delivered for Ourselves, Our Alma Mater & Our Country .

Alhamdullilah, the credit for this goes to The Almighty, the prayers of our parents, teachers, support of our families and the consistent support we received from the Alumni Team at IBA who have guided us throughout the process.

Today we are proudly announcing that we have managed to launch the 2nd largest Alumni Scholarship Fund with one of the smallest class sizes in the history of IBA, Karachi.

The Class of 95 - MBA Banking & Finance hopes to be a beacon of success, hope and above all a role model for the future generations. We are humbled to give back to the institution and society that has given us so much in return.

God Bless Us All & The Future Beneficiaries of this Scholarship Fund."

Syed Ali Raza Fehmi