Institute of Business Administrtion
Standard Chartered Bank Alumni Gathering

The first session of Invite IBA took place in Standard Chartered Bank which was attended by more than 100 alumni. Mr. Zafar Siddiqui (Director, Alumni) addressed the audience as he took them through a presentation which took them on a journey of IBA's change. He also explained IBA's vision for the next five years and sought the support of Alumni to help us reach there. In the end, the alumni pledged their support individually for IBA choosing from the variety of options that are available to them.

HSBC Bank Alumni Gathering

The second session was organized at the HSBC Bank which was attended by 34 alumni working over there. The event started with the opening address by Dr Ishrat Husain followed by the presentation by Mr. Zafar Siddiqui. The Alumni Bankers at HSBC were especially delighted to learn that IBA is now teaching Chinese (and Arabic) to current students to help them excel in these respective growing economies. They requested to be enrolled in such a course at IBA for their professional development within the HSBC group.

Unilever Alumni Gathering

The IBA Alumni Unilever Session was also very successful with 42 Alumni attending the session. The engagement session was a very interactive and interesting session with a lot of new ideas and opinions that were received as responses from the Alumni. IBA Alumni working in Unilever also pledged for donating 5 million Rupees for the development of IBA.

State Bank of Pakistan Alumni Gathering

The IBA Alumni Session at the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) was attended by 28 Alumni working there (from 1975-2010 batches). The Alumni Bankers at SBP were very excited to connect back with the Alma mater and were especially delighted to meet Dr.Ishrat Husain. They expressed their pride at the developments taking place at IBA which will help the current students excel in their professional lives. Like others, Alumni at SBP also showed similar devotion towards this cause and pledged to contribute their share to IBA in various ways.