Institute of Business Administrtion
Class of 1995 Celebrates Silver Jubilee Reunion Virtually Amid Social Distancing

Submitted by Mr. Ali Raza Fehmi, MBA 1995

Wednesday, May 27, 2020: To celebrate the twenty-five years of graduation of the Class of 1995 (Banking & Finance), the class came together to remember and remiss their time in IBA.

Under the current COVID-19 situation, it was a challenge to congregate the class of '95 from all around the world in a single place; a task in normal circumstances is a challenge into itself. Thanks to the miracle of technology, the class was able to come together on Zoom. They were able to garner an attendance of approximately 26 alumni out the class strength of 34. In democracy, that would be called a 2/3 Majority !!!

It was absolutely fantastic catching up and recalling their days in IBA, the idiosyncrasies of their times, the fun, differences and above all, the bonds of eternal friendship were revisited. It was fabulous to see that everyone had done well for themselves in their own areas of professional interest and homemaking.

"Our homecoming was a little philosophically sobering, to see that our own kids are now heading to universities, time has flown, and much water has passed beneath the bridge for all of us. They say that people who you have studied with, lived in a hostel with or shared class rooms for more than 40 days. (slightly modified from Hikayat of Sheikh Saadi) remain friends and attached to your souls."

Even if they have been on a separate journey when they virtually met at a port, it was like the distance never happened and caught them apprehensive, as if it is the day of an hourly and were all under prepared and hoped that the answer to the questions was "All of the Above"! Yes, the answer was the same and we found out that even after 25 years you don't need to be prepared to meet with friends, share the same jokes and sometimes pull the leg of the same people but all in jest!! So was the day in IBA Class of '95 after 25Yrs.

As a tribute to the institution that they are all indebted to, it was unanimously agreed (for a change) to contribute back to our alma mater. They have designated one of the Alumni of our class to discuss the modalities with the IBA Management and soon hope to see a Class of '95 scholarship fund to be raised.

Once again, they would like to thank Ghulam Nabi Athar of their class, who took out time to arrange and manage the virtual get together an effort that is not easy when one has to coordinate with various geographies. Also a thumbs up to all the groggy eyes that defied nature and logged in to see their classmates, some after 25 years. It was great to see all in great health accompanied with few strains of silver gracing their heads where any strands remained!

Last but not the least they would like to show eternal and everlasting gratitude to their professors, assistants and all the staff of IBA; for what they are is because of the institution, IBA Karachi.