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Institute of Business Administrtion
Alumnus 1988, Mr. Sabir Sami, participates in the Corporate Connect Series in IBA on Global trends in marketing strategy and consumer preference

March 26, 2019: The CDC and Alumni Affairs department hosted a Corporate Connect Series session as part of the Personal Effectiveness (PE) course in collaboration with Visiting Faculty, Ms. Nadia Sayeed at the IBA Karachi main campus.

The session was conducted by Managing Director - MenaPakT & Asia at Yum! Brands, Mr. Sabir Sami. Mr. Sami delivered a talk on 'Global trends in marketing strategy and consumer preference'. He expressed his views on the impact of social media and technology on consumer behavior. He shared his perspective on societal changes likely to incur in the coming years. He mentioned speed, ease and convenience to be the top consumer preferences in influencing the external world and internal business.

Mr. Sami concluded the session by advising students to master mindset, power of people and time management to be a successful leader. Mr. Sami delightedly visited the IBA boys hostel to replenish his hostel memories.

Mr. Sami is an IBA alumnus from the class of 1988 with majors in Marketing. With a career spread over 30 years, he has diverse international senior management experience in marketing, operations and general management with global consumer goods companies including P&G, Cocoa-Cola, Reckitt Benckiser and Yum! Brands. His areas of expertise are strategy development, organizational change management and people development.