Institute of Business Administrtion
Alumni Get-together at the IBA, Karachi

December 29, 2019: The last weekend was reserved for the IBA Alumni to get together at the year end, step away from the hustle and bustle and celebrate the incoming new year with their fellow batchmates, at the IBA Main Campus. Old and new, their love for the IBA had brought them together, as graduates from 1988 had a chance to mingle with ones of 2016.

The alumni were initially briefed on the different programs being offered at the institute and various infrastructural developments that have taken over the years. Graduates of 1980s and such were amazed to see that the whole campus had gone a complete makeover, meanwhile the recent graduates were able to appreciate the nostalgic moments.

After the campus tour, they had lunch at the Alumni Students' Centre and had discussions on giving back to the IBA, some willing to come back and teach while other alumni inquired about setting up scholarship funds, plantation at the campus and much more.