Welcome Note to the graduating Class of 2018

Dear graduates,

Congratulations on reaching a major milestone in your life! You have now become part of our alumni family which consists of more than 13,000 alumni spanning more than half a century.

As business graduates, we are made to believe that success is a tangible manifestation, something that can be quantified. But to an IBA Alum, 'success' does not only mean a good salary and a good position in an organization relative to their peers. We define success in our own way. Some of us are trying to bring a positive change to society by joining the unconventional career path, while others are making their mark in the most non-conformist of ways by becoming journalists, novelists and musicians.

"IBA Alumni - Pushing Boundaries, Redefining Success".... This is our tagline and this is what your alumni family expects from you.

To maintain a healthy and life-long bond with your alma-mater, IBA Alumni Department is striving to remain connected with you and share your success and happiness with the rest of the family.

We will be happy to take your queries at:
Alumni Department
Room 302, Fauji Foundation Building, Main Campus
+92 (21) 3810 2002

You can also apply for your Alumni Card by visiting your profile on the Alumni website (https://alumni.iba.edu.pk/iba_alumni_frequently_asked_questions_alumni_cards.html)

The card will be delivered to your home (within Pakistan) free of charge and it identifies you as IBA Alumnus, facilitates entry into IBA and usage of IBA facilities and provides multiple discounts on various brands!

Also, please join our Social Media forums. The links to our pages are given below:

IBA Alumni Forum on Facebook
IBA Alumni Forum on LinkedIn

We wish you the best of luck for your career and future outside of IBA!