Class Notes

Class Notes - by Ms. Ghazal Islam

It's been a long time since I visited IBA. Though I left IBA thirty-three years ago, it has not left me for a day. Thirty-three years hence I can safely say that the best time of my life was spent on the campus. Running through the corridors for the fear of running late or shedding tears in the canteen for the fear of failing an hourly were common sights but we all in the end would leave campus smiling. Read More...


The New Data-driven World - by Fawad Mahdi

The rise of data has grown exponentially. Organizations are no longer relying on intuitions to make strategic decisions, rather what is driving value to stakeholders are data-backed judgments. While this may seem a far off opportunity for business students at first, it represents one of the best avenues for such students to i) make a career or ii) become entrepreneurial.Read More...