Alumni Activities

Alumni participate in MBA Admissions Interview panel 2019

Alumni participate in MBA Admissions Interview panel 2019

The IBA Karachi recently conducted the MBA Admissions Interviews for the students' intake for Fall 2019 from May 6-10, 2019 and alumni with more than 20 years of work experience were invited to be a part of this important interview process.

The future reputation of the IBA depends on the selection of the right candidates who will eventually become brand ambassadors of the IBA in their own right and there is no better judge to access those potentials that make up an IBA student than the Alumni themselves.

Even at a relatively short notice, around 20 Alumni registered to participate in the interview panel. CEOs of various renowned companies and other seasoned professionals took out time to serve their alma mater through the selection of candidates. Alumni were present at their available time slots throughout the week and were satisfied with the quality of candidates inducted for the MBA program.

Alumnus 1988, Mr. Sabir Sami

Alumnus 1988, Mr. Sabir Sami, participates in the Corporate Connect Series in IBA on Global trends in marketing strategy and consumer preference

March 26, 2019: The CDC and Alumni Affairs department hosted a Corporate Connect Series session as part of the Personal Effectiveness (PE) course in collaboration with Visiting Faculty, Ms. Nadia Sayeed at the IBA Karachi main campus.

The session was conducted by Managing Director - MenaPakT & Asia at Yum! Brands, Mr. Sabir Sami. Mr. Sami delivered a talk on 'Global trends in marketing strategy and consumer preference'. He expressed his views on the impact of social media and technology on consumer behavior. He shared his perspective on societal changes likely to incur in the coming years. He mentioned speed, ease and convenience to be the top consumer preferences in influencing the external world and internal business.

Mr. Sami concluded the session by advising students to master mindset, power of people and time management to be a successful leader. Mr. Sami delightedly visited the IBA boys hostel to replenish his hostel memories.

Mr. Sami is an IBA alumnus from the class of 1988 with majors in Marketing. With a career spread over 30 years, he has diverse international senior management experience in marketing, operations and general management with global consumer goods companies including P&G, Cocoa-Cola, Reckitt Benckiser and Yum! Brands. His areas of expertise are strategy development, organizational change management and people development.

IBA Boys Hostel Annual Alumni Reunion

IBA Boys Hostel Annual Alumni Reunion

Saturday, 20th April, 2019: The IBA Boys Hostel came to life as long lost friends met each other at the Annual Hostel Alumni Dinner 2019.

Alumni's as far back as 1980's graced the occasion and took active part in the proceedings. The unity of the hostel could be seen as hostelites from every program and semester attended the event with much enthusiasm.

The event commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran and afterwards, the manager of the hostel, Mohammad Wasim Khan, gave an address highlighting the importance of the alumni dinner. Afterwards Sir Jami Moiz, patron of IBA Boys Hostel Society, thanked the alumni for taking time out of their busy schedule to attend the dinner.

Mr. Abdul Raffay, a student from the class of 1988, was the first to take the podium and reminisced about his time in the hostel. He was impressed with the progress made in the terms of infrastructure and the facilities provided to the residents. However, one thing he stated that would never change was the everlasting bond and affiliation that is forged among the residents of the hostel. He was followed by Anis Ahmed Khan, Batch of 1994 and Iqbal Yasin Batch of 2007.

Other notable alumni Sarfaraz Bohio Batch of 2002 and Syed Danish Alam Batch of 2017 also shared their personal anecdotes of their time and as a token of appreciation presented awards to the graduating batch of 2019.

Before the night ended, the IBA Boys Hostel Society thanked the administration with shields for making their lives easier and providing constant support in their stay in the hostel.

The ceremony concluded with a splendid dinner and the alumni bid farewell to their home after spending a memorable night filled with laughter and nostalgia.

IBA Alumni Islamabad Chapter Annual Iftar and Reunion

IBA Alumni Islamabad Chapter Annual Iftar and Reunion

Wednesday, May 15, 2019: The IBA Alumni Islamabad Chapter held their Annual Iftar and Reunion at the Qischmisch restaurant which is owned by Mr. Haroon, an alumnus himself. The reunion was widely attended by alumni from batches 1961 to 2018 and Mr. Asad Umer also attended the event. During the event, a scholarship fund was introduced and launched. Numerous alumni took pledges to contribute their share in giving back to their alma mater and others promised to participate soon.

As a part of a smooth networking process and ease of communication, the alumni were given name tags with year of graduation at the registration counter. Great enthusiasm was shown by people attending and the young graduates expressed their desire to volunteer for organizing future events like these.

Alumni parted on a nostalgic note with promises to stay in touch and work together to help complete the setup and efficient running of the scholarship fund.

Alumni US Reunion

On March 31, 2019, a grand reunion of the IBA Alumni in United States took place, connecting 10 regions in the continent by a video con. It was a great evening as 100's of alumni participated in the event alongside their families.

IBA Executive Director, Dr. Farrukh Iqbal alongside with Alumni representative on IBA Board of Governors, Mr. Shahid Shafiq, also participated in this union. Dr. Farrukh upraised about the recent academic and infrastructural developments at the IBA. Whereas, Mr. Shahid Shafiq informed the alumni about the recent initiatives taken aboard by the alumni department and enlightened them about the ways of contributing towards their alma mater.

This gathering provided the alumni community with an opportunity to meet old friends and to get to know US based alumni thereby creating a wonderful opportunity for networking.

Alumni reminisced the memorable time spent at IBA Karachi and also shared their personal and professional experiences in their particular fields and the current job opportunities in the US.

Below are the regions where the alumni met:

  • Greater New York (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia)
  • Boston
  • Washington DC (Maryland and Virginia)
  • Raleigh-Durham (North Carolina)
  • Chicago
  • Minneapolis
  • Cincinnati (Indianapolis)
  • St. Louis
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Phoenix
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Seattle, Atlanta and more..