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Alumni Cards

Q1. How do I apply for the Alumni card?


1. Login at the IBA alumni website: using your Username and Password.
2. Go to My Profile ->†Basic Information.
3. Check the option marked Yes in "Do you want IBA Alumni Card?"
4. The following information is mandatory for receiving the Alumni card:
- Name
- Graduation Year
- CNIC/Passport No.
- Address
- City
- Profile Picture (preferably a CV/GD picture in .jpeg or .png format)
5. Update your profile, providing the required information, which will allow us to update the alumni records as well as allow the processing of the alumni card. Upon updating your profile, the information will be automatically downloaded by the system. Once your profile is updated, your alumni card will be processed in due time and you will be updated accordingly.

Q2. What benefits can I avail on the Lifetime Alumni Card?


The IBA Alumni Card is an identity which connects the alumni to IBA.
- It works in lieu of a gate-pass to gain entry into the Main and City campuses.
- It entitles the cardholder access to all IBA facilities, including library resources at both campuses.
- The IBA Alumni Card also entitles the holder to receive exclusive discounts from our Card Partners, the details of which can be seen on the link below:

Q3. I applied for the Alumni card but I have not received it as yet.


The Alumni card takes approximately three weeks to process and dispatch at your address. Please ensure if you have checked the option marked 'yes' in your alumni profile. If already done so, leave us an email at

Q4. How do I collect my Lifetime IBA Alumni Card?


Your Lifetime IBA Alumni Card is dispatched free of cost to your residence via courier. Currently we deliver all over Pakistan. For Alumni living outside Pakistan, please see Q5.

Q5. How long does it take to receive the Alumni Card?


Alumni cards are processed in batches of 50 or more. It takes approximately three weeks to process and dispatch your card. Do email us if it exceeds the stipulated time period so that we may check on our end.

Q6. I'm living outside Pakistan. How will I receive my Alumni card?


The alumni card is couriered free of cost to Alumni all across Pakistan. Alumni living abroad need to provide a Pakistani address (in their online Alumni profile) where their Alumni card will be dispatched.

Q7. My Alumni Card got lost/stolen. How do I get another one?


In case of theft/loss, a fee of PKR 1000 is charged for re-issuance/duplicate of the Lifetime IBA Alumni card.

Payment for the above can be made via Bank Transfer, the details of which are given below. You may also make the payment via online bank transfer.

Account Title

IBA Karachi

A/c Number


Bank Name

Faysal Bank Limited


Gulshan Chorangi Branch

Br. Code




Bank Address



PK 96 FAYS 000 153 149000 4750

Phone #





Q8. Do I need to pay for my Lifetime IBA Alumni Card?


No. This is a free service provided by IBA to all its Alumni. You donít need to pay for your card or its delivery.