Trip to Fairy Meadows

Trip to Fairy Meadows

Mr. Adnan Sadiq

Mr. Adnan Sadiq graduated from IBA in 2012. Experience of working in international and local organizations in shipping, aviation and financial industries. Working for a cause of creating awareness among people by education i. e. regularly volunteer for Rahber and Baghban program of TCF. Interested in topics of International relations finance and economics with special interests in sports and fitness.

Adnan Sadiq is MBA graduate of 2012 with experience in Telecom, Shipping, Aviation and Finance industry. He is working for a cause of creating awareness among people for education by regularly volunteering for Rahber and Baghban programs of TCF. Interested in topics of International relations, Finance and Economics with special interests in Sports and fitness.

"Superb" is a single word that describes the latest stage play 'Twins Apart' by Stage Nomad. Good acting, traditional story, emotions, suspense and a portrait of our cultural parity were shown in that play. One of the organizers of stage Nomad is from the IBA, Karachi, he regularly posts updates about Stage Nomad and its plays in alumni groups and luckily from those groups I came to know about their latest play with the name of 'Twins Apart'. On 14th of February on valentine's day when love was in air and people were dating, I was sitting in NAPA to watch the latest play Twin's Apart by Stage Nomad in one of the auditoriums of NAPA.

Stage Nomad has done a good job in terms of organization, management and administration of this play in NAPA. A decent, disciplined crowd who made a queue to enter into the auditorium was watching the play, rather than a conventional crowd of pushing each other aside in a struggle to reach their seat earlier. None of the viewers were engaged in an activity that can impact experience of people around him/her, overall environment during and after the play was good and praise worthy.

'Twins Apart' was a musical stage play showed in Karachi from 14th February 2019 to 17th Mar-2019. It had started with a performance on a Punjabi song 'mai nay main Kino Akhan'. Story of the play is about two women who belong to completely opposite socio-economic classes, one is a mistress and other a servant. The female servant, like a typical in Pakistani society, has lots of kids whereas on the other hand the mistress is deprive of kids; twist of the play starts when servant female tells her mistress that she is pregnant and will give birth to twins as she is worried about food and upbringing of kids, this news gave an idea to her mistress to adopt one of the kids to which servant female agreed to do so, to provide good life to her son.

Remaining part of the story revolves around the emotions and insecurities of these women, the mistress is insecure that servant will tell her adopted son that he is her son whereas servant female tries to show her motherly love to her son in the whole play. As insecurity prevails over the mistress, she changes her location of residence and sends her adopted son to oxford for studying. Like traditional stories both twins without knowing that they are brothers become friends with each other. Whereas, both mothers know about this. Play also shows that luck and nature always brought these two brothers together. In the story, the rich brother grows older to become singer whereas poor brother indulged in street crimes then later into drugs. Supporting role of poor brother's wife noori and his elder brother add crisp and suspense in the play and throughout the end as well. I am not disclosing the end here to motivate individuals to go and see that play and appreciate great work done by these actors.

Overall, the play is good, worth watching with synergetic efforts by actors and director, music played in between the play is synchronous with story and is as per need of the play. Worth mentioning performance here is by noori, I have seen many movies, local, Hollywood and Bollywood, I have not seen such a natural acting by any female. She did the role of the girlfriend and then that of the wife of poor brother, flow of dialogues, expressions, emotions and acting was just like flowing naturally from her, she seems like a born actor. Direction by Shah Sharabeel is worth mentioning here as he has done a good job to pull off that show.

If someone asks me to rate it from a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 as the worst performance and 10 as an excellent performance, I would rate it at 8.5. Overall experience of play was good and highly recommended for those who enjoy acting and live performance.