Success Story

Everyone wants to be a success in both their personal and professional lives. To attract success, however, you have to be an active player in your life. After all, you can't sit on the sidelines and expect everything to fall in place. I believe that coming with a failure background and enhancing the future ideas can actually make a difference in your life. In my career up till now, defining success seemed quite simple.

I had always dreamt about getting into the IBA and realized my dreams when I was admitted in the Economics and Mathematics program in 2013. Soon, it became clear that this was not my true calling. I tried to switch my program but failed twice in the admissions test. I had to make do with what I had, and it proved to be a herculean task.

In each semester I used to get two or three F's no matter what the subject was, I was failing constantly, and I thought that I might get dropped out soon. While I faltered in Economics and Mathematics, I started developing an interest in Marketing courses. I even opted for internships and class projects in the field. Furthermore, I got selected for a few International Conferences like "Harvard Project for Asian International Relations", "World Business Dialogue", "Preparing Global Leaders' Summit" et. al.

It took me 5.5 years to graduate from IBA with 22 F's on my transcript. After graduation, I got a full-time job in a Media Productions and Event management Company. I am currently working as a Marketing Manager. I recently created an idea in the tourism sector known as the "Pakistan Tourism Dialogue". Pakistan Tourism Dialogue laid its focus towards emphasizing the astounding aspect of tourism sector in Pakistan. The idea of Pakistan Tourism dialogue was to bring together all the International and Local Delegations from around the Globe with an objective of developing positive relationships with methodic and productive approach towards the tourism sector of Pakistan and the project was the dual combination of "Creative economy" and "Social Entrepreneurship". Emboldened by the success of this idea, I ventured into another project, "Empowering the Transgender in Tourism Industry of Pakistan". The idea was well received by various stakeholders.

Despite the hardships I faced at the IBA, I remained persistent and focused towards my goal. And lastly, we should never lose hope, no matter how hard the situation becomes, we should work diligently towards our dreams and aspirations.