First Augmented Reality detailing App launched

Success Story

Mr. Adil Tanveer is an Alumnus of MBA 2009 and is a marketing professional associated with Pharmaceutical and Retail textile sector for a decade.

The challenge of digitally disrupting the pharmaceutical product selling model was a dazzling but daunting one as it has been relying on conventional tools like brochures, posters etc. for decades.

Mr. Tanveer has launched an Augmented Reality app which happened to be a breath of fresh air and proved to be a game changer for the pharmaceutical market as it helped medical representatives detail the product, take selfies and even play games with the target audience relying totally on technology, an idea previously considered too far-fetched.

Augmented Reality technology synergistically combines the physical features of the analog with the high-tech features of the digital. A smartphone with camera & product logo are the only pre-requisites to start the AR show.

Links below contain screen recording of the AR app for your viewing pleasure.

Scientific Detailing: .


Gamification: .


App link on play store. .