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Muntazir Haider, IBA Alumnus of 2008.

Michael & Parker wins - Best Global Outsourcing Agency 2020

Michael & Parker wins  - Best Global Outsourcing Agency 2020

Author: Muntazir Haider

Seems like yesterday; it was the late 90’s, Michael & Parker Business Solutions had just come to life from a single room operation. The magnitude of writing the previous sentence feels so idyllic considering the global success we have achieved over the past two decades. Intriguing, right? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg my friend.

From one single office room in the United Arab Emirates, to now having expanded into 12 countries & 5 strategic alliances centers, it sure feels like one hell of an entrepreneurial adventure.

This surreal moment after winning “Best Global Agency” at the Global Outsourcing Awards held in Jan 2021 in Turkey signifies our striving journey. The most probable question surfacing your thoughts at the moment; “what is the key to their success?” Well the answer to that head scratching question is made up of just three thought provoking words. Never-ending vigor. There’s your answer. Pick any global client of ours; every single one of them can attest to being serviced with the highest levels of expertise & international outreach. Ever-growing enthusiasm to improve & maintain the highest levels of client servicing has been one of our core values since Day 1.

Ranging from Organizational Development, Payroll Outsourcing, Performance Management, HR Auditing, Recruitment, Employee Outsourcing, Structural Recreation & various different types of corporate trainings, our services will transform the intellectual level of your human resource into “the ultimate workforce of the future.”

With the latest expansion of our footprint in Singapore, we take a step closer to our vision of being operational in 100 countries globally. Don’t be shy, connect with us at www.mnphr.com to share your entrepreneurial story.