Message from the Head of Alumni Affairs

Message from the Head of Alumni Affairs

A very warm welcome to the class of 2018 on becoming a part of the alumni network of this prestigious institute. A university is only as good as its alumni. The most renowned institutes in the world boast largely on the success of their alumni who have made it to the top or are commonly recognized names in the society. Such people have contributed essentially to the manner in which we live, and to the lives of others. We trust that our alumni see the time spent at the IBA as transformational, and have the need to keep on being associated with us. The Office of Alumni Affairs is resolved on constructing a bridge that connects the IBA to its alumni in ways where the institute can keep its doors open for learning and self-awareness and provide with a platform for its seedlings to grow into trees

Our broader strategy is to engage not only the junior alumni but to connect with the senior ones as well. For this purpose, the past few months, we have taken initiatives like the mentoring matters program that allowed students to engage with our senior and prominent alumni and learn from their experiences. Moreover, we have launched the Job Portal, that provides a platform for the students, junior alumni as well as the alumni in the midst of their careers to find jobs that suit their fields and experiences. The alumni elections and the recent class reunions have served to engage with alumni of all ages and backgrounds to come forward and interact with their fellow peers.

I would like to welcome the alumni community to return, visit and get associated with the alumni activities to promote the institute's objectives. The alumni are welcome any time to come visit us over a cup of tea to reminisce about the old days and bring suggestions for the new.

Wishing you the best,
Malahat Awan