Employer Feedback Survey 2018

Mr. Javed Rahmat 1953-2018

With the deepest regret, we want to share that Javed Rahmat, our beloved father and husband, left us on November 8th, 2018 in New York, NY. He was a generous and loving man, who led an unparalleled life of adventure. A 1975 IBA graduate, Javed would go on to lead a distinguished career in aviation – one that spanned across... continents, from PIA in Pakistan to LAM in Mozambique. His ability to adapt to different circumstances, cultures Read More...

Employer Feedback Survey 2018

By Aftab Mustafa Khan, MBA-1975

Javed Rahmat and I became close friends during our IBA days back in the seventies. During those years our interaction was intensive, enjoyable, enriching and rewarding. Even after the lapse of 45 years, I can still vividly visualize his welcoming smile and positively contributory demeanor. His positive attitude towards life in general and especially towards the people around him was made conspicuous by the interest he took in them Read More...