MBA Class of 1996 - Syed Anwer Kazmi Scholarship

The IBA Karachi is grateful to the Class of 1996 for setting up the Syed Anwer Kazmi Scholarship to support underprivileged yet talented students during their undergraduate studies. The scholarship has been established in the name of their late classmate, Mr. Syed Anwer Kazmi, who passed away in 2006. The class will be celebrating their Silver Jubilee next year and many of Mr. Kazmi's classmates have actively donated towards this scholarship.

Mr. Mohiuddin Zia, the class coordinator, pens down a heartfelt message on behalf of the class, which has been reproduced below:

It was a unique set of people cobbled together by the IBA. Not all of us had actually applied for this program, rather the IBA decided that people who had applied for an admission in 1994 for the morning program and have scored around the cut-off but higher than the others applied for Banking program, should be given an opportunity to opt for the Banking program.

In this manner, the Class of 1996 was the first Banking class that had a blend of experienced individuals along with fresh graduates. Till then, the Banking program only used to take fresh graduates. However, this was not the only color that was added to this class before it started.

We were a bunch of 41 boys and girls at the start and at least 19 of us were from outside Karachi, including Sandal, who had recently moved back from Tanzania. Our class was a true representation of Pakistan, so one can imagine the ensuing chaos. We were also honored to be the first graduating class that got our degrees from the IBA Karachi as an independent university.

It took us a while (the entire first semester) to get used to the rigors of the institute as our lives were changed for good (basically all went upside down). We realized that for better or worse, we will remain locked together for next two years and the sooner we adjust to each other and the IBA Karachi, the better it is. Initial friendships were based on whether you were Karachi-based or staying at the hostel. But by the second semester, people knew each other well, thanks to the institute for providing us with numerous opportunities (forced us basically) to work in different groups for almost all assignments.

Kazmi Sb came from Multan. He was a gentleman from the day he entered IBA Karachi and remained a gentleman till the day he left us for his eternal abode. Anwar Kazmi was a friend of friends. He was a Chess Champion at the IBA hostel (no mean task, as I have been told) and an excellent player of Bridge and Color. He was good with poetry and was a keen reader. I became close to him, Waqas and KB (Khuda Bux) during our 3rd semester.

Kazmi Sb left this world too early (around 2006 if I recall correctly) but I distinctly remember my last phone conversation with him where he informed me that he had become the Head of Corporate Banking for Faysal Bank in Multan, besides becoming a proud father. He died young but lived a cherished life.

37 of us graduated in 1996 and barring a few, all left for international endeavors sooner or later. IBA Karachi turned us into true professionals, who were well sought-after, a fact that I realized when I started my first day at work at an International bank in Dubai. After almost 25 years now, most of us are still in touch and enjoy recalling the rollercoaster ride that we had together at our alma mater. All of us agree that IBA Karachi did wonders in polishing our potential and helped us become contributing citizens of Pakistan, wherever we live in the world.

I could go on and on, but would like to conclude by naming few of the teachers that taught us and made a difference: Israr H. Siddqui, Dr. Wahab, Inayat N. Din, Fazle Hassan, Khatri Sb (PICIC), Mirza Sardar, Khalid Sb (Inv. Banking), Nabila Arif and Dr. Hafiz Pasha. Thank you all for your dedication.

I would also like to give credit to my mates, without whom our class could not be the way it was: Abid, Adil, Shahzad, Hussain (Mazhar & Masood), Sahir, Sajid, Faisal, Rabia, Sana, Maryam, Nilofer, Sandal, Aifer, Seema, Shoaib, Umer, Kashif (Veerni & Hasni), Jumani, Akhtar, Tahir, Ahtesham, Ali (Salman & Halai), Qadir, Farhan (Haq and Rizvi), Junaid, Zia, Iftikhar, Mohammed Ali, Waqas, Khudabux, Pritpal, Faheem and Nabeel. These names are not in any order as it was almost impossible to put these people in order. Trust me when I say this, each one of them is a character, full of life and without him or her the class would not be the same. All of us miss Kazmi Sb dearly and pray that Allah Almighty place his soul in highest of places in Jannat Al Firdous.

For Kazmi Sb's lasting memory and to commemorate our graduation Silver Jubilee, the Class of 1996 has come together to establish this Scholarship in the name of Anwar Saeed Kazmi. May Allah accept this from us, Aameen.