The IBA Job Portal was conceived and designed in-house by the ICT department in collaboration with the Alumni Department and Career Development Centre. It was launched on October 9, 2018. This portal helps alumni and students to create and review their profiles, and find jobs/internships, while employers are able to post vacancies and view and save profiles for hiring purposes.

Link to Job Portal: https://jobportal.iba.edu.pk/

  • Enable users to update their profiles
  • Allow users to upload multiple CVs based on the job requirements
  • Aid users to make use of career-related material
  • Facilitate employers to search profiles using different criteria
  • Provide accessibility of users' information to registered employers only
  • Enable employers to download all profiles in a click
  • Provide employer branding to employers

Portal Statistics:

  • No. of registered employers around 200.
  • No. of vacancies posted around 300
  • No. of active students around 1200
  • No. of active alumni more than 500