IBA Alumni Islamabad Chapter Annual Iftar and Reunion

Wednesday, May 15, 2019: The IBA Alumni Islamabad Chapter held their Annual Iftar and Reunion at the Qischmisch restaurant which is owned by Mr. Haroon, an alumnus himself. The reunion was widely attended by alumni from batches 1961 to 2018 and Mr. Asad Umer also attended the event. During the event, a scholarship fund was introduced and launched. Numerous alumni took pledges to contribute their share in giving back to their alma mater and others promised to participate soon.

As a part of a smooth networking process and ease of communication, the alumni were given name tags with year of graduation at the registration counter. Great enthusiasm was shown by people attending and the young graduates expressed their desire to volunteer for organizing future events like these.

Alumni parted on a nostalgic note with promises to stay in touch and work together to help complete the setup and efficient running of the scholarship fund.