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The article was penned down by Muntazir Haider, IBA Alumnus of 2008.


A Game Changing Acquisition

Michael & Parker wins  - Best Global Outsourcing Agency 2020

Author: Muntazir Haider

Some would say the following story glorifies what marketers do best, SELL. We beg to differ. This story will so poetically portray how two organizations who had one spear-headed vision walked down the aisle, devilishly silent, hand-in-hand; creeping upon an industry that had been craving innovation since at the very least, a decade.

Emerging as one of the most reputable consultancies of Pakistan, The Brand Consultants (TBC) came to life in 2008. Just as the business world was recovering from one of the most disastrous financial crises in history, TBC was actively providing subsidized, state-of-the-art & creative marketing, branding & consultancy services to the hopeful yet injured corporations. Was it good old luck? Or was it extraordinary entrepreneurial ability of being able to timely identify an opportunity & shooting right at the bulls’ eye?

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the ravenous, young & bloodily bootstrapped SkyEnd Digital who came to life during the global COVID pandemic of 2020. A young team – young leadership and a broad vision – sighted by TBC to enhance market presence for the latter.

The Brand Consultants (TBC) has acquired SkyEnd Digital to enhance its strong presence in the marketing services industry – significantly changing landscape of the competition. What do we gauge from this innovative acquisition? Our bet is the market will enjoy unprecedented amounts of cutting-edge growth with this flaring combination of visionary consultancy & crisp data-driven execution model.