Employer Feedback Survey 2018

An Employer Feedback Survey 2018 has been conducted by the IBA Career Development Centre (CDC) more recently; approaching companies from various sectors which recruit graduates from the IBA on a regular basis. The objective of this exercise was to obtain feedback on the quality of the IBA graduates who are working or have worked in these organizations over the years. Following were the key finding of the survey:

  • Around 82% of the companies believe that on campus recruitment drives are helpful for hiring purposes.
  • The IBA graduates were rated as excellent for their teamwork, leadership, technical and analytical skills.
  • IBA and LUMS are still considered as the top most quality institutions in Pakistan.
  • Employers suggested to discuss the importance of ethics & professionalism in classrooms, inclusion of local case studies in the curriculum, to ponder on new ways of developing entrepreneurial mindsets among IBA students.