Adnan Sadiq

Trip to Fairy Meadows - by Adnan Sadiq

I met one of my undergraduate class mates on my visit to Islamabad in a search of job after completing my MBA from IBA in 2012. After completing his Masters from abroad, rather than doing job he decided to convert one of his hobbies into business. He formed a tour operator company which not only provides trekking and hiking equipment but also takes people from different backgrounds, in the form of groups, to various places in northern areas of Pakistan. This meeting had end in a discussion on the kind of business he was doing and challenges he was facing at that time. After two years of starting my job I was one of the high performers in the company, I was working so I decided to celebrate my success by travelling. I started working on searching for different places and options to travel as I had not seen the northern areas of Pakistan, I decided to visit fairy meadows for my traveling experience. Read More...

Discovering Kashmir

Discovering Kashmir - by Durriyah Asghar

The Alpine landscape was like a scene out of Heidi, breathtaking. But Keran, Kashmir had more to offer. In addition to mountain flowers a steel-grey river snaked its way south, randomly growing trees were laden with apples and pears and the grass, trees, mountains and sky changed their hues of greens and blues with the lighting. Read More...

Faisal Ghani

Corporate Intelligence - by Faisal Ghani

I recently came across an article which highlighted the different types of intelligence quotients.

Previously people were only judged based on their intelligence quotient or IQ. However, it seems our personalities are defined by more than just intelligence. A well-rounded personality is based on the person's emotional quotient (EQ), their social quotient (SQ) and their adversity quotient (AQ).

This got me thinking; do certain managerial positions vary according to the attributes they possess? Are some managers where they are because of the attributes they possess? The following is the result of my deliberations on this matter. Read More...

The Life of Haji Bashir

The Life of Haji Bashir - by Philip Sunder Lal

Karachi's IBA, set-up in the mid-50s, was a boon for many of us who were not doing well in the antique rote learning of the country's other institutions. In 1962, I was part of a mixed bunch from (West and former East Pakistan), coming from standardized BA-level rote-learning with age-old textbooks. I was a third-division student given admission only because I had done extremely well on IBA's aptitude test. Read More...

Imperatives of FDI Growth During the PTI Government

Imperatives of FDI Growth During the PTI Government - by Syed Ali Kashif

Almost one year down the line, from its coming into power, the PTI government looks determined to uplift the economy and alleviate the travails of finances of Pakistan. With their satisfactory economic performance during the past one year, the current situation in the national and international economic corridors accords us a vantage point to gauge where they came from and where they are heading at least in terms of economic decision-making. The FDI stood at $426 million prior to coming into power of PTI government. It now stood at $ 1 billion after PTI government came into power. Read More...