Muhammad Haris Munawar

Islamic Commercial Paper – an innovation on the landscape of Pakistan's Islamic Corporate Finance - by Muhammad Haris Munawar

Pakistan's Islamic finance industry is constantly evolving and fast growing for last more than decade. There has been constant evolution, transformation and product innovation in the Islamic finance industry of Pakistan. However, the year 2018 was quite promising as Islamic corporate finance market of Pakistan witnessed a quantum leap of evolution and innovation through the launch of Country's first ever Shariah Compliant Islamic Commercial Paper (ICP). Read More...


Indifference... - by Ambreen Khalid

Professional with several years of experience in Marketing, Business Development and IT. I am resilient with many areas of interest and a passion to learn and excel. I am an avid reader of books and an active member of book clubs and writing platforms. I have a keen interest in literature and poetry and I love nature which inspires me to write.

I have come to observe repeatedly, amongst the society at large, a lack of concern for fellow human beings. I have tried to decipher the reason for this apparent apathy which is often times hurtful, since it suggests an indifference to human suffering... Read More...


Apportunity – A Case of Using Apps to Dominate an Unexplored Market - by Kamil Mehmood and Sayum Mustafa

Pakistan is a very promising market when it comes to predicting app usage for the coming years. According to UNDP report, Pakistan sports a growing population that has recently crossed the 200 million mark.

Interestingly, 64% of Pakistan's population is under 30 years old with nearly 30% being in the ripe digital adopters age range of 15 and 29 years, as per a report by UNDP. Couple this with the fact that cellular penetration in Pakistan is over 75% with nearly 30% 3G/4G subscribers due to influx of affordable Chinese smartphone brands, lowering mobile data costs, increasing rural to urban migration, not to mention increasing awareness in rural areas about urban trends, Pakistan is slated to become one of the fastest growing markets for digital technology adoption. Read More...


When I joined IBA in 1967... - by Syed Bahauddin Jamal'

My time at IBA was filled with enjoyable learning experiences and memories that would last a lifetime. One of these memories, which I remember distinctively, was meeting the future Prime Minister (Shaukat Aziz) of Pakistan back in 1967 while doing my MBA. I was introduced to him by a childhood friend of mine and eventually during our time at IBA we became close friends. Even back then, I could see the potential in Shaukat Aziz and I reiterated my belief in him constantly. His potential and my trust in it were exemplified by his unprecedented achievement of getting selected for the competitive job on offer from Citi Bank while facing competition from two gold medalists in the field of Finance. Read More...