Danger on the roads! - by Ambreen Khalid

Cruising along at a decent speed on a Sunday in the middle lane on Shahra-e-Faisal I was flanked on the left side by a big vehicle moving slowly. Suddenly two pedestrians crossing the road came right in front of me carrying two bicycles. I didn't see them coming from the left because of the flanking vehicle. If I would have braked maybe they would have been hit... Read More...

The Road to Kalam

The Road to Kalam - by Durriyah Asghar

At 2 km above Kalaam's bazar, the river and forest lay below us and snow covered Mount Falak Ser diagonally opposite. Creamy, fresh walnuts fell out of the trees and cracked open on impact with the stone patio. Gladioli swayed in the breeze around the wooden pavilion and the soothing sound of streams as they cascaded through the property enveloped us. I couldn't believe we had actually made it to Walnut Heights! Read More...


The F-Word - by Faisal Ghani Qureshi

Businesses today are driven by the F-word. Not a day goes by without mentioning it. People wake up and they are faced by it as they get ready for work and they face it when they return. They feel it during their coffee breaks, their lunch time, even at home at their dinner table. Their interactions with their colleagues, their bosses and their customers are all dictated by the F-word. Read More...

Mentoring IBA Students Social Responsibility Project 2018-19

Mentoring IBA Students Social Responsibility Project 2018-19 - by Muhammad Jamil

IBA Students need to undertake one Social Responsibility Internship project in the 3rd year of their course of study. In 2018-9, five internees of IBA opted for a project in TCF Baghbaan Phase II Programme. The project was conducted under the auspices of The Citizens Foundation, Karachi. On invitation of IBA Alumni Department, I mentored these internees guiding them through this project. Read More...

Muslim words in the English language narrated through a tale

Muslim words in the English language narrated through a tale - by Moneyum Chowdhry- Alumnus 1960

Chacha's visit was always a joyous occasion. He would take us to exciting places, shower us with sought after toys, bring for us what we loved to eat most, and at times expose us to amazing corners of knowledge. I still remember the day he did mention, with great enthusiasm, about the time when Muslims excelled in many areas including science. We all inquired whether anything of that is still visible. Chacha was a little bit surprised at our cynicism. Nevertheless, with his characteristic sweetness, he assured us that a slice of that legacy is still alive. That may be, but we don't see them, we all said in one voice. Of course, you will. Just scan the language. You will come across plenty of words in English that were, in fact, introduced by the Muslims. They are the carriers of a part of their contributions to civilization, commented Chacha. Read More...

Muslim words in the English language narrated through a tale

Resume Mistakes to Avoid When Eyeing C-Level Positions - by M Farrukh Iqbal

Moving up the career ladder in this feverishly contested corporate world is challenging, to say the least. In an atmosphere, where every little detail counts, making basic mistakes can cost you your dream job. Needless to say, that your journey into the corporate realm of the higher-ups is filled with a lot of mysticism, stress, and personal as well as family time sacrifices.

So, without any more background bashing, let's cut to the chase and understand what these mistakes are and how avoiding them can drastically increase your chances of getting a leadership position in an esteemed organization. Read More...

Social Media and the Stock Market – How IBA alumni are helping investors be smarter

Social Media and the Stock Market – How IBA alumni are helping investors be smarter - by Sennen Dsouza- BBA 2013

In May 2017, Pakistan, one of Asia's best performing stock markets at that time, was termed to have a serious social media issue: a persistent, endemic issue of fake news & misinformation being circulated via Facebook and Watsapp to manipulate retail investors into entering or exiting stocks prematurely. This took an unbelievable toll on the savings and confidence of the average stock market investor. Industry experts pointed at a lack of awareness and investor education. Read More...