Alumni Achievement - Syed Muhammad Afaq - Amber Khwaja

Syed Muhammad Afaq - Amber Khwaja

IBA alumna selected as a member of the National Youth Council 2021-23

Two alumni of IBA, Amber Khwaja, MBA 2005 (Evening Program) and Syed Muhammad Afaq (MBA Executive, Banking and Financial Services, 5th batch, 2011(intake) successfully passed the Examination of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist, CAMS. It may be noted that there are only 50 (near accurate figure) Pakistanis who possess this certification as per graduate list search on the weblink,

Amber Khwaja is working as an Executive at National Bank of Pakistan. She has been a visiting faculty at IoBM for last 13 years. She is also a qualified Associate of Institute of Bankers, Pakistan and has obtained distinction and award for securing highest marks in the subject of International Trade Finance & Forex Operations. She is also a position holder in Masters in Economics from University of Karachi.

Syed Muhammad Afaq is working as an Additional Director in NAB (Baluchistan). He joined MBA Executive program in 2011 (Banking and Finance). He earlier possessed BE Electrical (NED) and LLb (SM Law College).

CAMS is the gold standard in the world for Anti Money Laundering Certification examinations. Both the Alumni are the first ones in IBA to have passed CAMS Examination Certification.

The effort required a consistent and methodological study of CAMS text book along with FATF related documents including 40 Recommendations & methodology, BASEL Recommendations & methodology, Wolfsburg Group, Trade Based Money laundering along with Practice Questions. With an overall three years’ effort, the last one year was more focused and demanding in terms of deep conceptual studies.