Javed Rahmat - 1953-2018

Javed Rahmat

With the deepest regret, we want to share that Javed Rahmat, our beloved father and husband, left us on November 8th, 2018 in New York, NY. He was a generous and loving man, who led an unparalleled life of adventure. A 1975 IBA graduate, Javed would go on to lead a distinguished career in aviation – one that spanned across continents, from PIA in Pakistan to LAM in Mozambique. His ability to adapt to different circumstances, cultures, and people was rare among his contemporaries. He had a genuine interest in learning about how people think and was someone everyone loved to be around. Not only was he enviably well-traveled but he also took great interest in the world around him. A global citizen, he carried an open, yet highly rational, mindset. As he was always three steps ahead of everyone, it is unsurprising that from a young age he would contemplate the future state of the world. His knowledge of history, literature, economics, finance, and current events was remarkable. He was undoubtedly the sharpest mind in the room for you could ask him any question and sure enough, like a walking encyclopedia, he would have an informed answer. Despite his worldly knowledge, Javed never boasted, and this humility was one of his greatest traits. Unless you knew him well, you would never have guessed his accomplishments or known of his countless rich experiences.

We used to joke that he was a more advanced, evolved version of a human, yet we may not have been far off. Aside from his inspiring intelligence, Javed exhibited the utmost strength during trying times. Even his doctors were baffled by his resilience and ability to fight his illness. He protected his closest family members by never showing them the real pain he was in. Even in his final months, he had more wit and charm than most people ever do. His strength was contagious and for that we are forever grateful.

Not a day will go by that we are not thankful to Allah SWT for blessing our lives with him. He is in our hearts and mind every day, and his legacy lives on as an inspiration to everyone he knew. His children are especially blessed to have him as a role-model and a north star in their lives.

Thank you for everything you did for us. We love you. Nasreen, Saad, Bismah, and Shermeen