3 Simple Steps to Update Your Data


3 Simple Steps to Update Your Data

Dear Alumni,

If you have received this email, you are registered in the IBA Alumni Database with updated email address. However, there might be a case where your current whereabouts might not be updated.

Follow 3 simple steps to update your data:

Step 1: Click the link https://alumni.iba.edu.pk/updateform
Step 2: Fill in your basic credentials and press Search button.
Step 3: If your data matches with the Alumni database, then your data will be fetched from the system and displayed for editing.

If your data does not match, don't panic. You are present in the alumni database, it's just that the data you entered did not match with our records. Just click on Register Now to add your details. After verification, your newly filled data will become part of the alumni database.

Help us in keeping you connected with your alma mater.