Plant IBA Green: Towards a Greener IBA


More than 50 Alumni came to the call of their alma mater by making the IBA Main Campus, the greenest campus in the country. In the first phase of this green campaign which culminated in a tree plantation ceremony on Saturday, December 19, 2015, around 100 trees were planted at different locations throughout the campus.

With infrastructure development in its final touches, IBA now has the capacity to house hundreds of trees interspersed throughout the campus. The recent heat wave in Karachi that claimed more than 1000 lives served as a stark reminder towards our responsibility of safeguarding our environment. The Alumni Department revitalized its earlier Plant IBA Green Campaign initiated in 2010 to enhance the scenic beauty of the IBA campuses and aligned it with a more meaningful mission.

The campaign was greeted with enthusiasm by the Alumni. While some alumni chose to attend the ceremony themselves, many opted to allow the IBA Alumni Department to plant the trees on their behalf. Several alumni chose not only to plant a tree in their own name, but also to plant more trees to honor friends and family with their names mentioned on the nameplates. Trees were planted around the periphery of the newly constructed OBS Courtyard, and next to the football field.

The second phase of the campaign will kick off shortly with hopes that more Alumni could contribute towards this noble cause and make IBA an exemplary institution not only in academic terms but also in commitment towards giving back to the society.


Kashif Quadri 2000   Muhammad Aminuddin 1993
Mohammad Atiq 1979   Mohammad Omar Khan  2007
Mohammad Saleem 1981   Sadaf Ashraf Malik 2007
Najmudduja Jaffri 1974   Syed Aslam Mehdi  1978
Asad Ali 2014   Madeeha Akhtar Yousuf 2009
Anwer Kirmani 1976   Arsalaan Ahmad Ibrahim 2015
Munir Iqbal 1982   Tahir Khaliq 1972
Muneeza Jamil 2008   Muhammad Munawar Jamal 2009
Mirza Anwar Hussain 1993   Sheikh Naveed Iqbal 2000
Muhammad Sikander Iqbal 1991   M Khalid Jalil 2001
Omar Qamar 2010   Muhammad Mohsin Javed 2011
Uzma Kabir Ali 1990   Sanober Godil 2007
Zaki Ahmed Sharif 1982   Faisal Ghani Qureshi 2003
Ali Haider Merchant 1976   Yasmin Zafar (Aka Yasmin Alauddin Kabeer) 1979
Shuaib Ahmed 1964   Adeel Anwer 2007
Tanveer Hussain Khan 2012   Kashif Uddin 2013
Mustafa Phiroz Contractor 2004   Faheem Akhtar 2014
Mohammed Asif Arif 1987   Asim Kaleem Siddiqui 1997
Jamshed Ali 1967   Samir Asrar Ali 2008
Khalid Hussain Khan Gudaro 1993   Ali Raza Memon 1972
Haroon A. Shakoor 1986   Shafqat Ali Memon 1978
Asim Zeb Khan Swati 1998   Ameen Bandukda 1987
Syed Salman Ali 2000   Raza Said 1965
Noorulain Basit 2003   Shaikh Abdul Aziz 1965
Abdul Aziz Ebrahim 1963   Mohammed Masudur Rahim 1962
Mustafa Ejaz 2007   Zaheeruddin Asif 1989
Class of 1990 1990