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The National and Sindh Talent Hunt Programs were launched with the objective to prepare high achieving students from the less-privileged regions of the country for the IBA's aptitude test for BBA and BS degree programs.

They are an eight-week intensive, merit-cum-need-based orientation programs, designed to train students mainly in the areas of English, Mathematics and Presentation and Interviewing skills. Upon successful completion of the Program, trainees appear in the IBA's aptitude test for BBA and BS degree programs. Once enrolled in IBA, students are provided scholarship (Depending upon the need criteria of student) for the entire duration (four years) of the concerned program. The scholarship comprises boarding and lodging, tuition and other fees charged by the IBA, along with a monthly stipend.

Recipients of the NTHP and STHP scholarships must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.2 and above. In case their GPAs fall below this threshold, as per the IBA rules, they are placed under probation and given an opportunity to repeat the course under the guidance of a Faculty Advisor. If they fail to improve in the next round of tests, they are not allowed to continue studying at the IBA.

During 2010-11, 47 talented students from backward areas were selected for two months Intensive orientation at IBA Karachi (17 under the NTHP and 30 under the STHP). Out of these, as many as 11 cleared the IBA entry tests and got admitted to BBA/BS programs. They will be fully financed for the next four years.

The success of NTHP can be gauged from the fact that during 2011-12, 32 students were enrolled in the orientation program of which 16 successfully cleared the IBA aptitude test.


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