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Many individuals, businesses, Governments make regular funds available to provide scholarships to needy students of IBA. Although distinct and large scholarship schemes such as HEC-USAID, HEC-JICA, Sindh Endowment Fund and IBA’s own scheme are administered according to their own terms and conditions, a large number of anonymous and named scholarships have become available in the recent years.


All these amounts are put together in form of a Scholarship Fund out of which the IBA Scholarship Committee makes allocations.


Estimated Fee of Various Programs at the IBA Karachi
Particulars  BS   BS   BBA   MBA 
   CS/Eco & Math/SS&LA   Accounting & Finance     
One time charges        
Admission                  15,000               15,000          15,000           15,000
Transcript                   2,000                 2,000            2,000             2,000
Total  (a)               17,000              17,000         17,000          17,000
Fee Per Semester        
Tuition Fee                 80,000              138,000        138,000         138,000
Student activity charges                   3,500                 3,500            3,500             3,500
Lab-cum lib. Charges                   3,500                 3,500            3,500             3,500
Examination Charges                   1,000                 1,000            1,000             1,000
Development Charges                   2,000                 2,000            2,000             2,000
Total  (b)               90,000            148,000       148,000        148,000
First Semester Fee (a)+(b)               107,000              165,000        165,000         165,000
Second Semester Fee                 90,000              148,000        148,000         148,000
Third Semester Fee                 99,000              162,000        162,000         162,000
Forth Semester Fee                 99,000              162,000        162,000         162,000
Fifth Semester Fee               109,000              178,000        178,000                 -  
Sixth Semester Fee               109,000              178,000        178,000                 -  
Seventh Semester Fee               120,000              196,000        196,000                 -  
Eight Semester Fee               120,000              196,000        196,000                 -  
Total Fee Charges             853,000         1,385,000    1,385,000        637,000
Current Hostel Fee      36,000 Per semester
Current Transportation Fee     25,000 Per semester
Current Stipend     36,000 Per semester
Note:- Figures are subject to approval by the IBA Board of Governors.  


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