Mentoring IBA Students Social Responsibility Project 2018-19

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He is an Energy Professional of Electric Power Generation Industry. I worked in Operation-Maintenance, Plant Performance and Energy Audit, Plant Technical Administration and held Technical advisory roles in Electric Thermal Power Industry. Graduating from NED Engineering University in 1977, I joined Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Technical Management core, the same year. IBA offers a part time education opportunity at its city Campus for working professionals; I utilized this chance to Graduation in Business administration as a part of the MBA class of 1982.

IBA Students need to undertake one Social Responsibility Internship project in the 3rd year of their course of study. In 2018-9, five internees of IBA opted for a project in TCF Baghbaan Phase II Programme. The project was conducted under the auspices of The Citizens Foundation, Karachi. On invitation of IBA Alumni Department, I mentored these internees guiding them through this project.

Project Contents:

  • Students and mentors underwent orientations on Baghbaan Project's structured contents.
  • Internees attended sales training for fund collection tips.
  • Internees and mentors underwent training on Project Management Software TRELLO to report complete project milestones.
  • Undertook field trips to interact with 2 TCF school staffs and students to develop compassion for the less fortunate of the society.
  • Held 3 Corner Meetings with families, friends, their near and dear ones to spread messages of compassion and appeals for funds for the education of underprivileged children of the Country.
  • Carried out several on and offline appeals to collect funds.

Deliverables Achieved:

The project run period was October 2018- March 2019.

1. We raised an amount of Rs 425,000 to fund one TCF class of 25 students for one year.

2. Raised awareness amongst internees, their circle of families, friends, contacts etc. by direct interactions and indirect appeals.

3. Created compassion for the cause of education for the less privileged, within the proximity of the internees' sphere of influence.

4. The internees met their course of study requirement completing the report for submission to IBA.

5. Introduced Gaditek, a corporate business entity to its social responsibility task.

6. Met part of the social responsibility goals of Institute of Business Administration (IBA), existing under its Corporate Social Responsibility.

7. Met part of the projected fund collection targets of TCF under its Baghbaan Phase II Programme.

Mentor: Muhammad Jamil IBA class of 1982


  • Fatima Sayyidah
  • Dua Jamil
  • Mubashira Ali
  • Ramya Nadeem
  • Shaleen Asif Khan