Javed Rahmat, MBA-1975

Javed Rahmat

Javed Rahmat and I became close friends during our IBA days back in the seventies. During those years our interaction was intensive, enjoyable, enriching and rewarding. Even after the lapse of 45 years, I can still vividly visualize his welcoming smile and positively contributory demeanor. His positive attitude towards life in general and especially towards the people around him was made conspicuous by the interest he took in them. He interacted with us wholeheartedly and without any reservations with eagerness to help and contribute. Javed's passion for learning was amply reflected by the depth of his diversified knowledge. Another distinguishing facet of his personality was his uncomplaining disposition at a time when most of us were quite expressive about the load of work at IBA being rather stressful and consuming. That trait of his personality seemed to have become more pronounced over the years. These were some of his basic attributes which made him so valuable and dear to his friends.

Although, for quite a few years he was in Mozambique, Africa focusing on work and family, he still remained motivated to re-connect with his IBA friends as we approached retirement. In fact, he was the person responsible for proposing that the MBA Class of 1975 should arrange a reunion. Finally, we did meet again in a collective setting at an extended reunion held in London in 2015 rejuvenating our old relationships. Despite being rather interactive socially, he seemed to have preferred privacy to the extent that most of us did not realize the extent and the nature of his ailment until after he was gone. The last time we met was in Atlanta, USA earlier this year with him as the proud father at his elder daughter's wedding. He is survived by his wife, Nasreen, son, Saad and daughters, Bismah & Shermeen, the lasting fruit of his lifelong love and endeavours.

Javed, your good nature and affectionate being will remain alive in our hearts. Thank you for your friendship and for enriching our youth! May you rest in eternal peace!

Aftab Mustafa Khan, MBA-1975