Career Connect - Learning Never Stops

During your stay, we equipped you with basic pedagogical tools to help you make an entry into the real world. But once you stepped into the professional life, you realize the need to learn some handy skills or may be a certification or a workshop to provide yourself a competitive edge over others.



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Campus Tours

You wonít believe if we tell you that a lot has changed since you left IBA. Come take a campus tour with us and see for yourself what IBA has become.


Plant IBA Green

Plant a tree at your beloved alma mater to serve as a living testimony of your relationship with it


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Canít decide on which book to pick off the rack? Join the Alumni Book Club and have a look at our top picks!


Beyond IBA

At IBA, we taught you to think big. Realize your social responsibility and gear up to make this world a better place and serve humanity.


Career Connect

Getting the Pros together

Meet professionals related to a specific sector or industry


Connect to Pros

Hear out the career experiences, insights into an industry from senior alums