KSA Alumni organize Family Picnic in Riyadh

The IBA Alumni in KSA organized a family picnic on November 2nd, 2013 at an Istiraha (farmhouse) on the outskirts of Riyadh in the Thumama area. The picnic had originally been planned earlier in the year but the relentless hot weather in the Kingdom forced us to delay it to early November as relatively cooler conditions allowed outdoor activity to be possible.


The event was well attended by alumni and their families and gave an opportunity to all to enjoy a day out in good weather. Almost all of the alumni in attendance were from Riyadh but one individual deserves a special mention as he took the four-hour drive from the Eastern City of Al-Khobar to attend the picnic.

While the children indulged in sports including football and badminton, the men were not to be left behind. An interesting game of cricket was played as the boys displayed their bowling and batting skills. Unfortunately the game had to be cut short but the volleyball net was soon put up to continue the fun. Some even fancied a dip in the pool but had to make a quick exit due to the cold water.

The event featured alumni both young and not-so-young and gave an opportunity to reminisce on IBA days and also discuss how IBA has changed, especially in terms of infrastructure, since they graduated. A pure Pakistani Brunch was duly served complete with Halwa-Puri and Gulab Jaman in addition to barbeque, salads and drinks.

As the adults continued to chat over a cup of tea, the children used the opportunity to use the vast garden area to play. All in all, it was a successfully event attended by almost 100 people using IBA as the common thread to bring individuals together.


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