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You came here as students and now we want to meet you as professionals. Alumni department is reaching out to the Alumni working in different companies by visiting their organizations formally to update our Alums on activities and news from their Alma-mater.




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Development Fund

Come help us in physical infrastructure development and technology up-gradation.


General Endowment Fund

Havenít decided which fund you want to support? This fund caters to all unspecified or non earmarked contributions, and for setting up Endowed Chairs.


Faculty Development

Finance the scholarships of IBA faculty proceeding abroad or visiting faculty from overseas.


Scholarship Fund

Support students and have the scholarship named after yourself or a family member.


Talent Hunt Programs

Prepare high achieving students from the less-privileged regions of the country for the IBA's aptitude test.


Alumni Fund

Give back to your alma mater in any way you deem fit. You can manage this through individual and collective efforts.


Memorable Invites



Read some of the memorable invites in recent times