MBA Admissions Interview Panel 2013

For the first time in IBAs history, MBA graduates of IBA were made part of the Admissions Interview process for the incoming MBA candidates who had cleared the Aptitude test. Interviews were conducted from May 17-18, 2013 at IBA Main Campus and around 200 candidates were screened for their suitability at IBA. MBA graduates with a minimum work experience of 5 years were sent invitations for the event and an overwhelming response was received.

More than 300 alums gave their consent for becoming interview panelists but due to shortage of space, the Alumni Department in collaboration with the MBA program office shortlisted first 60 entries. To accommodate the maximum number of alumni, it was decided include one faculty member and two alumni in the interview panel.

The Alumni made use of their knowledge of IBA and the current market trends as well as valuable industry experience, to assess and judge a candidate in terms of his/her compatibility with the IBA and helped the esteemed institution decide its future students. Two days of rigorous exercise saw 52 alumni from as far back as 1972 volunteering for the activity, out of which 20 alums were from the batches of 1972-1998. CEOs and functional heads from renowned organizations like Standard Chartered Bank, Martin Dow, HBL, Ernst and Young International, Novartis and many more interviewed the incoming candidates. Few of the alumni, who were visiting Karachi on an official/personal trip, extended their stay to participate in the activity. Some of the alums along with faculty members moderated the group discussion preceding the interviews, which an important and mandatory part of the admission process. Each candidate in the group discussion was assessed based on his/her communication skills.

In entirety, the exercise was appreciated by all. This is what some of the alumni had to say about the activity.


(It was a) very good experience, very different from the interviews I take at corporate level. (Interviews) give a good understanding of the motivation of various individuals who apply for MBA program, given diverse backgrounds needs and objectives.
FarhanTalib, Alumnus 95, Head Investment Banking, HBL

It was wonderful to be on other side of the table. Simply a great experience. Very well coordinated and arranged. Moreover its an excellent initiative of IBA to engage its Alumni in such important exercise with their very own institute. It should be continued in future.
Sarfaraz Ahmed Sheikh, Alumnus 06, Sr. Sales Promotion Officer, PIA

It was good experience and it is good step taken by IBA to include Alumni in this process. This will further enhance IBAs filtration (process of candidates and its) quality.
AfrozaBhamani, Alumnus 82, Director, Hampton School




During the sessions, some of the alumni who were visiting IBA after a decade or more of their graduation were given a campus tour. Alumni were enthralled to see the transformation IBA has undergone in recent times, in terms of academic and infrastructure changes.