Class of 1984 Celebrates 30 Years Re-union


The IBA Class of ’84 comprised forty-five graduates most of whom have gone on to achieve bigger and better things in life. The most notable and well-known amongst them is Asad Umar who is now an elected member of Pakistan’s National Assembly.

Thanks to the Internet and advent of social media members of Class of ’84 started connecting with each other on Facebook, Yahoo, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, and by email from 2012 onwards. Also, some of them started having get-togethers with short meetings over tea/coffee or dinners at local eateries.

In the beginning of 2014, a couple of them floated an idea of celebrating their 30-year of graduation with a sumptuous dinner at a swanky restaurant in Zamama on 31 March 2014. It may be noted, they had graduated on the same date exactly 30 years ago. Later, on 29 November 2014, a grand reunion of about 25 graduates (18 physical and 7 virtual on Skype) was arranged at Naveed Qazi’s residence. Apart from those residing in Karachi, a number of them especially flew into the City from other places in Pakistan, and from overseas including the USA. Each one of them recounted and shared with the rest of the group their 30 blissful years since having graduated from the IBA. On 28 December 2014, another get-together was arranged at Nazeeha Hussain’s (now an IBA faculty member) residence in which a few more from overseas came.

Now, the’84 graduates actively interact and exchange views and news with each other on various social media forums from all over the world – Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Canada, to name a few, and meet every now and then. They are now like a big family. In March 2015, they met over a dinner at the popular Kolachi Restaurant on Dou Darya. This was in honor of a class friend who now resides in New Jersey, USA, and was on a short visit to Karachi.

Contributed by Mr. Mohammed Imani, alumnus 1984