IBA Alumni take part in MBA Admissions Spring Intake 2013

IBA has maintained its tradition of academic excellence by picking the best amongst the most talented students in the country and turning them into a global product. IBA Alumni help IBA in this important task by identifying and recruiting talented students during the Admissions process. This time around, MBA Graduates were made part of the Group Discussion and Interview process for the incoming students who had passed the Aptitude Test for MBA program for the spring session.

Group Discussion followed up by Interviews was conducted on Saturday, November 30, 2013 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at Aman CED, IBA Main Campus and 90 applicants were evaluated for their suitability at IBA. MBA graduates with a minimum work experience of 10 or more years were sent invitations for the event and despite a very short notice, an immense response was acknowledged.

Dozens of alums confirmed their presence for becoming Group Discussion panelists but due to lack of space, the Alumni Department in collaboration with the MBA admission office shortlisted first 20 entries on first-come-first-serve basis. To accommodate the maximum number of Alumni, it was decided to include one alumnus/a for every slot in the group discussion and Interview panel, aided by two faculty members.

IBA Alumni panelists provide crucial assistance to the Admission Office as they work to select the next generation of IBA students with a mission to admit a diverse class of the highest quality. Alumni made use of their firsthand knowledge to judge and evaluate a candidate on basis of his/her compatibility with the IBA.

Graduates as far as 1970ís participated in this exercise belonging to well-known organizations. In all, the session was well received by the Alumni who had this to say about the program:


Alumni Testimonials:

Thank you for making it convenient to include the alumni in this process. Personally, despite the hundreds of interviews that i have conducted in my professional life, I find this experience useful for me as well.

--Akbar Raza Khan (1973)

Thank you for inviting me. It was a pleasure to be there and give back to the institution I've gained enormously from. Would love to be back again and if you need assistance in putting a good smooth system in place can take time out to contribute.

--Reema Jafri (2001)

Thank you for making me a part of the admissions process. It was indeed an honour for me to be able to visit IBA once again.


--Safia Mahmood (2002)