IBA Alumni Get Together in Chicago, USA


October 21, 2017: On a fine evening in Chicago, the members of the IBA US Chapter in the West got together with faculty members from the IBA. They were treated to a sumptuous dinner at Shahi Nihari.

The protagonist of the evening was Mr. Ali Abbas Zaidi, Alumnus of BBA 2010, who invited the alumni to meet up with current faculty members: Mr. Jami Moiz and Ms. Nida Aslam Khan of the Marketing Department and Ms. Sana Tauseef of the Finance Department.

The aim of this reunion was to disseminate information to the alumni, about different funds and scholarships IBA has set up to help students who need financial assistance. Most attendants of the reunion showed interest in this aspect as well as contributing their time towards the institute.

Picture (from left to right): Ali Raza Madni (BBA 2014), Ahsun Ghias (BBA 2015), Nida Aslam Khan (MBA 2004), Sabah Hassan (MBA 1979), Sana Tauseef (MBA 2004), Imad Uddin (MBA 2006), Ali Abbas Zaidi (2010) and Jami Moiz (Assistant Professor & Acting Head of HR - IBA Karachi)

We appreciate that the alumni helped out in getting in touch with the faculty members visiting for a conference, and highly urge the alumni fraternity in distant lands to follow suit. It is our request to all alumni, far and wide, to help its alma mater reach and help out students in achieving their dreams.