Frequently Asked Questions

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Alumni Website Profile

Q1. How do I get username and password for Alumni Profile?


Kindly email your query with your full name, email registered with the IBA Alumni Dept and grad year at

Q2. How do I change my correspondence/username for Alumni Profile?


1. Login to the Alumni website with your Username and Password
2. Copy-paste the username as well as the password to avoid any typing errors.
3. Once you are logged in, go to My Profile -> Basic Information
4. Click Edit on the right hand side.
5. Enter your New Email address (On which you wish to receive correspondence) in the Field marked 'email'. Once you change it, your new email will automatically become your username.
6. You can also change your password from the dashboard.
7. Save all changes and log out.
8. Log in again to verify the changes.

Q3. I am registered on the Alumni Website but I forgot my username.


Your complete email address is your username.

Q4. How do I edit my profile?


1. Login at using your Username and Password.
2. Go to My Profile.
3. Click on the tab EDIT on the right hand side of the page.
4. Use Google Chrome for best results

Q5. I canít edit my profile. The page is showing an error.


Email us your query at preferably with a screenshot of the error.

Q6. I am getting the error "Email Address you have entered is already in use" when signing up. What should I do?


This errors means that an alum-profile has already been generated by the system for you based on your data in the IBA records. You are just required to update the profile after logging in at the website. Your credentials are:
- Username: The email with which you were registering.
- Password: Use the
password retrieval page
If you do not receive an email containing your password, kindly check your Junk Folder or send us your query at