Student Development Program (SDP) from Aug 30 - Sept 01, 2013


IBA Career Development Center in collaboration with Alumni Department conducted Student Development Program (SDP) from Aug 30 - Sept 01, 2013 at IBA Main Campus. IBA Alumni took out precious time from their hectic work schedules just to help the newly inducted students of BBA, BS and MBA in improving their interpersonal skills. Student Development Program was initiated in 2011 by Professors Jami Moiz, Lalarukh Ejaz and Maheen Ghauri and was designed for personal and professional development of freshmen students in helping them become a true ambassador of IBA.

Developmental Coaching is one facet of the program designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with confidential, developmental 360 degree feedback in order to enhance their overall leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills. Coaches and students participate in a day-long session during which teams of students discuss their solutions to various business cases, and are observed in a team setting. They are then rated individually and collaboratively by the judges which is then followed by a one-to-one confidential constructive feedback to each student. On average around 3-6 students were linked to each coach. The aim is to increase studentsí self-awareness, to guide them to reflect on their behavior, and to help in their personal and professional development.

Three days of marathon coaching starting from 31st August took place at the IBA Main Campus. Around 90 Alumni, some from even as far back as 1970, assumed the role of coaches and helped more than 550 new comers to overcome their weaknesses and shortcomings.

Earlier on 17th August and 24th August, Alumni were called in at IBA City Campus for a ToT session where they were briefed on the assessment techniques. An overwhelming figure of almost 130 alumni consented for the Program out of which around 120 Alumni turned up for the TOT.

The program also became a social gathering for alums from across different eras as they reminisced their times at their alma-mater. Alumni were completely enthralled on seeing infrastructure developments at both IBA campus; especially the Alumni Student Centre, CED and the newly inaugurated Tabba Academic Block at the Main campus. Some even wished they could turn back the clock to relive their IBA moments all over again!

The result of the program was not developmental feedback to the freshman but also witnessed the commitment, willingness and passion of the IBA Alumni in giving back to their alma-mater. A true display of IBA Legacy by our alums!


Thank you for inviting us to our alma mater. Indeed it was enlightening session. I feel pretty good after so many years. The quality of students granted admission was perhaps best among all. Civil works and facelift of both campuses of IBA is really amazing.


- Zafar Ahmed Khan-Alumnus 2004

A 360-degrees fruitful effort by the SDP team; Appreciated!


- Hamza Kushtiwala, Alumnus-2005