FIFA World Cup Final Screening



The FIFA World Cup, undoubtedly is one of the most followed events in the world. It was a great opportunity to get the IBA Alumni in the UAE together and to share the thrill of the final game. Hence on the eve of July 13th, 2014 a screening was organized at Gloria Hotel, one the leading hotels within Dubai. Alumni ranging from the batch of 1994 to 2007 were present at the event.

The gathering was colorful, cheerful and absolutely vibrant. As expected the crowd was divided in supporters of Germany and Argentina. The anticipation in environment was palpable. The Ohs, the Ahs, the COME ON-s and at times biting silence colored the air of this event beautifully. It was nerve-racking and tense. We all know who eventually won the game; but Alumni UAE won the evening. Everybody had a great time and a scrumptious meal.




Good job Uzzam Malik in taking lead to organize the FIFA Final screening. Thanks to Syed Arfeen Alam and Rehan Ali for their support....

Danish Kazi Alumnus 2002