Breakfast Meeting of the IBA Alumni UAE Chapter

A breakfast meeting of the IBA Alumni UAE Chapter (PIC) was recently held on 23rd Augustí2013 at BBQ Delight (JBR), Dubai. Chaired by Mr. Danish Kazi, Interim President PIC, the main agenda of the meeting was to identify nominees for the roles of office bearers/committee heads for the upcoming UAE Chapter elections as well as to discuss the future direction of the Chapter. The meeting saw high importance being placed on conducting events for brand-building of IBA and its alumni in the UAE. Some key activities highlighted in the meeting were:

  • Brand IBA & Pakistan in UAE

  • IBA Campus in UAE/Exec Courses

  • Increased Frequency of Meetings

  • Building Team Effort

  • Professional/Social Events

  • Joint Event of Pakistan Based Universities

  • Building Pakistan's Image

  • Professional/Social Networking Events

  • Future Road Map

  • Sports Committee

  • Family/Social events

  • Concentrate on Business communication in UAE

  • Focus on Abu Dhabi Based Alumni

  • Team Identification

Previously, elections were due to be held on August 17 but had to be delayed due to lack of sufficient nominations. However, Alumni showed a renewed sense of enthusiasm and nominations for the post of President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer were received during the meeting for the upcoming Chapter elections.


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