Alumni Homecoming at “New” IBA


It was unlike the usual Sunday evenings at IBA. Smartly dressed students and IBA Administration staff were rushing to all corners of the main campus to put finishing touches to the arrangements. For the first time since the massive developmental work culminated, the "new" IBA was being adorned for Alumni homecoming. It was a sight most of the Alumni would never have thought of. Three towering buildings overseeing the magnificent outdoor sports facilities awaited the former graduates which till not so long ago was a barren piece of land inaccessible to all since the inception of IBA.

More than 200 distinguished alumni from the batches of 6's and 7's, starting from 1957 to 2007 and the graduating batch of 2013, attended the Alumni Reunion Dinner 2014, organized by the IBA Alumni Society in collaboration with the Alumni Department.

The aim of arranging Alumni Dinners is to reunite IBA alumni in order to give them a chance to catch-up with their batch mates, while at the same time familiarizing them with the changes IBA has gone through since their last visits to the campus.

This year’s event began with a campus tour for the distinguished guests to show them the infrastructure developments that have taken place at IBA during the last few years. Management Team members, IBA’s current students, acted as guides to the alumni, taking them for a visit to the new buildings inside the campus. After the tour, the guests assembled in the IBA football ground, where exquisite seating and entertainment arrangements had been made for them.

The event formally commenced with the short address by the Manager of the IBA Alumni Society, in which he welcomed the guests and appreciated his team’s efforts in managing to arrange a successful event.

This was followed by a brief overview by the Patron of the society, Mr. Mirza Sardar Hussain, about the current undertaking by IBA in recording the ‘History of IBA’ through a literary endeavour.

Dean and Director of IBA, Dr. Ishrat Husain also graced the event and warmly greeted all the guests present, admiring them for their successes in the corporate world. In his speech, Dr. Husain shared his thoughts on the Five-Year strategy for IBA and emphasized the need for close collaboration between the current students and alumni for placements and internships. Dr. Husain also reminded the guests of their social responsibilities and encouraged them to join hands with IBA and TCF in the building of a new school campus for underprivileged children.

To provide the guests with elegant, classy entertainment, a musical night was arranged, followed the addresses. Talented artists from National Academy of Performing Arts sang melodious ghazals and songs, sending all those present to a state of peaceful bliss, and the recitation of soul-touching Qawalis formed a perfect end to the harmonious musical program.

A multi-course dinner was served right after the program, which was enjoyed thoroughly by the guests, and added to the contentment of all the attendees. After the dinner, Mr. Zafar A. Siddiqui, Program Director, Alumni Affairs moderated the distribution of free vouchers sponsored by Avari Hotels to a select few Alumni who shared their confessions and priceless anecdotes in front of the amused audience.

Finally, with a bunch load of photographs and a trip down memory lane, the guests departed with the hope of revisiting IBA that had once formed an integral part of their lives and become their second home.