Admissions’ Interview Panel Spring Intake 2014


IBA takes pride in many of its strengths but one that has stood the test of time is its admissions process. From filtering down thousands of aspirants to mere hundreds through the aptitude test, the process then subjects the candidates to group discussions and interview. Since 2012, IBA has tried to actively engage Alumni in helping IBA find the right candidate.

This year around 300 candidates cleared the aptitude test for various undergraduate and graduate programs and were called for the group discussion and interview session spread over 4 days starting March 2014. Admissions Interview Panellists consists of faculty and Alumni who first gauge the candidates in a group setting and then assess their suitability during one-on-one interview.


Fact Sheet


Date: 25 & 27-29 March 2014

Venue: Adamjee Academic Block, IBA Main Campus

No. of Interviewees: Around 300 students

Programme: BBA/BS/MBA

No. of Alumni: More than 50

Alumni Work Experience: 10 years +

Panel Structure: Faculty + Alumni

More than 50 Alumni from as far back as 1966 made it to the session despite their hectic schedule and short notice. As per the requirement by IBA Testing Department, Alumni with 10 years and more work experience were invited and senior alumni (mostly comprising of CEOs and functional heads) graced IBA with their presence.

IBA Alumni Department is indebted to all the interview panelists who aided IBA in choosing the best talent in the country.







I am really very grateful to you for inviting me to join the interview panel. It was such a revealing and good experience. Revealing, because it reiterated my view that IBA's

 new entrants criteria is still as good as it was in 1973, the year I got admitted at IBA. The calibre and overall knowledge of the prospective entrants was of very high quality. This forced my view that the initial aptitude test is of high quality and that the candidates who got through the initial stage had to be both intellectually and academically very proficient. I had come for 1 hour but stayed for about 2 ˝ hours. It was an honour to be there. The questions guide given to the interviewers was well drafted and was mostly sufficient for assessing the capabilities of the candidates.

Mohammed Khalid Ali
Chief Executive Officer
Security Leasing Corporation Limited - Alumnus 1976


This is a very good activity for IBA. It is surely a way to bridge the communication gap between IBA and its Alumni. The interview questionnaire was also very good and it is surely very helpful for the right selection of the candidate.

Muhammad Arsalan Zafar
Alumnus 2004


Thank you for asking me to be a part of this very important process. It would be a good idea to gather all the panellists prior to the actual interviews so that a coherent mind set is applied to the students. Otherwise it was very nice interacting with the candidates and being a part of shaping the future of our much loved institution.

Sardar Amir Adnan
Amir Adnan
Alumnus 1987