Admissions' Interview Panel BBA/BS Program 2014


IBA's admission process is a source of tremendous pride for IBA. Being among many of IBA’s strengths, the admission process is said to have stood the test of time. From filtering down thousands of aspirants to mere hundreds through the aptitude test, the process then subjects the candidates to group discussions and interview. Since 2012, IBA has tried to actively engage Alumni in helping IBA find the right candidate.


Fact Sheet


Date: 4th, 5th, 7th & 8th July 2014
Venue: Aman CED Building, IBA Main Campus
No. of Interviewees: Around 350 students
Programme: BBA & BS
No. of Alumni: More than 20
Alumni Work Experience: 10 years +
Panel Structure: Faculty + Alumni

This year around 350 candidates cleared the aptitude test for BBA & BS Admissions Round II and were called for the group discussion and interview session spread over 4 days starting July 2014. Admissions Interview Panellists consists of faculty and Alumni who first gauge the candidates in a group setting and then assess their suitability during one-on-one interview.

More than 20 Alumni from as far back as 1972 made it to the session despite their hectic schedule and short notice. As per the requirement by IBA Testing Department, Alumni with 10 years and more work experience were invited and like every year, the alumni department received overwhelming response.

IBA Alumni Department is indebted to all the interview panellists who aided IBA in choosing the best talent in the country.


Thank you for inviting me. It was truly a treat and an honor to be on the opposite side of the seat of the student interview.

My feedback is that the weightage of the interview and group discussion should be interchanged to bring more serious tone to the student and panel judgment.
I truly believe this will help IBA further in its objective to become the number 1 Business School of Asia and the globe.

Waqas Durrani – Alumnus 2002

It was a pleasure visiting IBA after such a long time, was happy to actually see the transformation that has taken place at IBA and how the long term vision of the institute is translating into reality. It was a privilege participating in the admission interview panel, it is a good initiative on the part of IBA to involve alumni in this process, and it helps expand our engagement and association with the alma mater. Personally I would like to continue my participation in the future as well.

The event was fairly organized; the assessment template provided was simple and effective in judging the potential of the candidates. I was very glad to see how IBA through its brand strength is attracting the talented youth, and hope that the institute would help them meet their goals and make them effective managers and business leaders of the future.

Muhammad Ali Jangda – Alumnus 1984

It was nice visiting IBA yesterday for taking part in the interview. I liked it but the interviewees were only 3 in my panel. It should have been around 8-10 to make our participation more efficient.

Sheikh M. Irfan – Alumnus 1992